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Lil' PICcy PIC + Dual Motor H Bridge Board No longer in production, sorry....

Top view (click for larger image)
Side view of demo robot (click for larger image)

  • Powerful and compact, the Lil'PICcy is perfect for controlling a small, two wheeled robot. It includes the same motor drive capability as our FlexDrive product, plus a lot more:
    • Microchip Technology's PIC 16F873 or 16F876 microcontroller
    • two general purpose LEDs
    • one power indicator LED
    • two general purpose DIP switch inputs; useful for controlling the operating mode of your robot
    • two Sharp IS471F IR proximity sensors plus matching IR LEDs
    • flexible power supply design - single or dual supplies; regulated or unregulated
    • DPDT power switch
    • 4 extra 74HC14 Schmidt Trigger inverters for signal conditioning
    • 8 undedicated I/O lines, offering A/D conversion, digital Input or Output, Timer/Counter inputs, and interrupts
    • 5 pin ISP (In Circuit Programming) connector
    • 4 pin RS232 (TTL-level) connector; mates with our SerialIF board

A parts list, connector pinout, and switch settings are available here.


Last Updated May 27, 2005