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PIC Tools Free Downloads!

These tools, created by Pete Skeggs, were originally developed for use with the MarkIII Robot Kit, designed by members of the Portland Area Robotics Society and sold by A discussion list for this kit, and for others that use BotLoader and other PIC Tools, is on Yahoogroups.

However, they are useful for any PIC project involving the 16F87x parts. Enjoy!

CLst2Asm was originally written to help create Reloader, a BOOTLOADER reprogrammer. It is useful beyond that for anyone that owns the CCS C compiler for PICs.

  • BotLoader

    Download Complete Package (BotLoader, BotLdrCmd, and Instructions)
    Download Latest BotLoader
    (just BotLoader.exe)
    A port of BotLoader to Windows CE by is also available.

    In conjunction with Rick Farmer's PICLOADER, this program makes it easy to upload Hex files to a Flash-based PIC microcontroller. No need for Hyperterminal anymore!
    Advanced features include:
    • automatically finds PICLOADER on any serial port
    • drag-n-drop a hex file onto BotLoader (either while running or as an icon on the desktop)
    • paste the hex file into BotLoader (while running)
    • built in terminal so you don't need to leave BotLoader to see debug output
    View the readme.txt file for more information.

  • BotLdrCmd

    Download Latest BotLdrCmd (just BotLdrCmd.exe)

    Similar to BotLoader, this command line program integrates well with automatic build scripts (make files, batch files, Ant scripts, etc.). And, it includes a built-in text-mode terminal.

  • CLst2Asm

    Download Complete Package (CLst2Asm and Instructions)
    Download Latest CLst2Asm (just CLst2Asm.exe)
    Ever need to tweek the assembly language output of the CCS C compiler, but all they give you is a listing file? Never fear! CLst2Asm will convert CCS listing files to .ASM files compatible with Microchip Technologies' MPLAB.
    Here's the readme.txt file for CLst2Asm.

  • Reloader

    Download Complete Package
    (Reloaders for PICLOADER 1.1 and 1.3
    *for 8K PARTS ONLY*, plus PICLOADER 1.1 and 1.3 themselves, and Instructions)

    Download PICLOADER 1.1

    (Rick Farmer's PIC bootloader for use with other languages)

    Download PICLOADER 1.3
    for 8K flash memory parts (Rick Farmer's PIC bootloader for use with CCS C, for PIC16F876 or PIC16F877)

    Download PICLOADER 1.3
    for 4K flash memory parts (like the 28 pin PIC16F873 or 40 pinPIC16F874)

    NOTE: the 4K PICLOADER is for reference only; Reloader only works with 8K parts at present!

    If you use CCS C as well as other languages (JAL, CHBASIC, etc.), you are probably tired of needing to either tweek the output of one tool chain or the other or replace the chip with another one programmed with the correct version of PICLOADER. Details concerning how to use Reloader are available in reloader.txt.

    Reloader is a simple program which runs in the user space of a PIC, and is used to replace PICLOADER with a different version.

    The versions of Rick Farmer's PICLOADER posted here are for 20MHz oscillators; 38400 baud serial connections, and do not enable the watchdog timer.




Last Updated 12/10/2003