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Noetic Design, Inc., incorporated in 1993, provides contract engineering services. We have also developed our own products for sale on the open market. 

Product Development

We shipped our first products for the education, research, and hobbyist robotics industries in 2004.  These products, the WW-01 and WW-02 WheelWatcher encoders, as well as the new WC-132 WheelCommander motion controller, are sold under the Nubotics brand name; see for details.

Contract Engineering

We specialize in developing software, firmware, and hardware solutions for the consumer and hobby electronics, robotics, and data storage industries. 

We have programming and systems design expertise in: 

  • Hardware Interfaces
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
    • 2g cellular modules
    • WiFi modules
    • device firmware
    • test software
    • applications programming
  • Hardware/Systems Design
    • the Internet of Things (web-connected devices)
    • embedded systems
    • motor controllers
    • wheel encoders
    • sensors (GPS, accelerometers, IR, sound, light, tilt, etc.)
    • battery monitoring
    • high tech robotic toys
  • Tape Drive Interfaces
    • QIC-117 (floppy interface)
    • QIC-157 (ATAPI)
    • SCSI (DDS, DLT, OnStream, MountainGate)
  • Tape Storage Format Decoding and Recovery
    • Stac Data Compression
    • Reed Solomon ECC
    • Microsoft, Novastor, TapeWare, OnStream, and QIC Tape Formats
    • Undocumented data format reverse engineering

A sample of our programming capabilities include: 

  • C / C++, Java, Python, PHP, Assembly, Visual Basic
  • TCP/IP stack internals
  • Microsoft Foundation Classes
  • wxWidgets
  • Realtime kernels / multitasking / interprocess communications / threading
  • HTML, Javascript, Java Applets, Java JMF, Java JNI
  • JSPs, Apache Tomcat, Apache Torque, Apache Struts, JDBC, JNDI
  • Web Services (RESTful and SOAP), Apache Axis, XML
  • Microsoft Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Windows device drivers and services
  • Windows systems programming
  • Multimedia programming; MIDI
  • Wireless networking (Bluetooth serial port profile, some Zigbee)
  • Embedded systems: ARM Cortex M0/3, Synopsys ARC EM4, TI MSP430, Microchip PIC 12/16/24, 68HC11, 8051 (Intel as well as modern high speed clones by SiLabs), Atmel AVR, Atmel and NXP ARM, RoboJDE, GCC for AVR
  • Linux system administration
No*et"ic a. [Gr. , fr. to perceive, mind, intellect.]  
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"I would employ the word noetic to express all those cognitions which originate in the mind itself."
- Sir W. Hamilton. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(G & C. Merriam Co., 1913)  

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